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71 Years Ago Today, FDR Signed “NDAA of 1942″ Authorizing Internment Camps

Posted on by Barry Donegan

There is a certain type of activist that monitors government policy with regard to civil liberties. Each year, new bills are introduced that would severely restrict human rights. In some cases, emergency powers are granted to government that could lead … Continue reading

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FEMA Camps, Fusion Centers, and Emergency Powers

Posted on by Barry Donegan

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, FEMA’s failures were on public display. Displaced residents found themselves in makeshift facilities with accommodations that were so uncomfortable as to be compared to a prison camp. Hurricane evacuees huddled without heat and were required … Continue reading

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#TinFoilTuesday – The 1933 US Gold Confiscation Under Executive Order 6102: Could it happen again?

Posted on by Wes

In 1933, the US government, by mere executive order of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, seized all US gold bullion coins from its citizens (well– all that weren’t illegally stowed away or moved overseas) and made it illegal to “hoard” gold … Continue reading

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