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Keep an Eye Out for the Rebel Inc Graffiti in ‘Silver Circle’

Posted on by Barry Donegan

  Today is Easter Egg day, once again, when we discuss some of the hidden allusions and references that appear in Silver Circle. Keep your eyes peeled for them as you watch the movie online. This week’s egg honors Rebel … Continue reading

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Rebellious Tunes: Music in the Liberty Movement

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Ideas like politics and economics are difficult to spread to the uninitiated. The typical American finds these subjects boring and irrelevant. However, art, music, and film offer great ways to spread information without turning away those who are disinterested in … Continue reading

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Rebel Inc at Music City Liberty Fest, New Album Coming Nov 20th

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Forged initially in Detroit, Michigan but based now out of Baltimore, Maryland, Rebel Inc’s members are seasoned tour veterans, having carried their pulverizing blend of metal, funk, alt-rock, and hip hop all across the US. Fans of liberty will be … Continue reading

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Music City Liberty Fest Preview

Posted on by Barry Donegan

During Ron Paul’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, a vast, widespread liberty movement arose all across the United States and, arguably, the world. Though he was not able to secure the nomination, he was successful in inspiring a grassroots uprising. … Continue reading

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Rebel of the Week: Rebel Inc.

Posted on by Davi Barker

Rebel Inc. is one of the bands in the soundtrack of the Silver Circle Movie. Formed in the outskirts of Detroit, MI, and now residing in Baltimore, MD, Rebel Inc. delivers an explosive performance mixing the sound of rock, rap, alternative, … Continue reading

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