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The Hidden Bad Brains Allusion in ‘Silver Circle’

Posted on by Barry Donegan

  Now that a growing number of people have seen Silver Circle, either at our screening events in select cities or at home via online, cable, or satellite Video On Demand networks, we will begin posting blogs on occasion which … Continue reading

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‘Silver Circle’ Opens Tonight in DC, Contest Winner Announced

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Silver Circle is set in Washington DC. In fact, the US capital’s built-in corruption is a crucial component of the film’s setting. As such, it’s exciting to finally debut Silver Circle in the belly of the beast. The Washington DC … Continue reading

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Silver Circle Contest: Win Free Tickets to Washington DC Premiere

Posted on by Barry Donegan

A few years back, our animation director plotted the locations of the scenes from Silver Circle, all of which take place in Washington DC, onto a Google map. Fast-forward to now, and we are but two days away from the … Continue reading

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Join the Silver Circle Rebel Crew

Posted on by Davi Barker

As the release date approaches for the Silver Circle Movie, we’re going to need a team of dedicated fans to help out in the cities where we debut. We’re calling these elite volunteers The Rebel Crew. We’ve created Facebook pages … Continue reading

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Record Low Murder Rate in Washington DC After Gun Ban Lifted

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Recently, sports commentator Bob Costas sparked a national debate after blaming Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher’s murder-suicide on the existence of firearms rather than Belcher himself. The 6’2″ and 238 pound Belcher murdered his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, with a … Continue reading

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