Rebel of the Week

July 9th, 2010

This week’s rebel has self-medicated himself to Silver Circle badass status. Paul Karason gained notoriety in 2007, when the of his blue skin was leaked faster than the colloidal silver in his bloodstream. According to Karason, colloidal silver has been successful in treating dermatitis, acid reflux, and sinus problems. He makes the antidote himself, mixing silver, salt, and distilled water together (and we were worried that his water was unfiltered).

[Note: Silver Circle does not condone melting down our to put the silver in colloidal silver. Let's leave it to the amateurs.]

Skin tinting is not unheard of in people who spend a lot of time around silver, even if they’re not ingesting it orally like Karason. Here at Silver Circle, we’re toying with the idea of building our rebel characters, who work underground refining silver for alternative currency, with blue rims around their eyes. If we raise enough money with our Kickstarter campaign, maybe we could cast Karason.

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