Rebel of the Week: David Nolan

November 24th, 2010

In memory of a figure who began the Libertarian Party in his living room as well as created the “Nolan” chart, we would like to present this week’s Rebel of the Week to the late and great David Nolan.

In his honor today I’d like to ask everyone to take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. Share it with friends and honor a person who rebelled and attempted to escape the left and right paradigm to focus on this:

“It’s not the left vs. the right, it’s the state vs. you.”

Thank you David Nolan for bringing to life philosophies that were not always mainstream.  One can say you planted the seed to what the liberty movement has become today.

About the Author: megan

Megan is the Marketing Manager for Silver Circle who spends endless amounts of time on making sure the word gets out about this film and graphic novel! As a liberty activist since '08 she also has gained a passion for advancing liberty in her personal life and helping others to do the same. Questions about getting involved with the film, events, liberty, and hip-hop can go straight to her!