A: Alex Trebek…Q: Who is Rebel of the Week?

August 3rd, 2011

For decades, Alex Trebek has been the face of the hit game show Jeopardy!. For those who watch the show regularly, you’d think that he was just a calm, cool, and collected man who did his job and flew under the celebrity gossip spotlight. For the most part, he is all those things, that is until you try to steal his stuff.

Last week, while hosting the National Geographic World Championship in Mountain View, California, just outside of San Francisco, a burglar came into Mr. Trebek’s hotel room at 2:30 in the morning in an attempt. Mr. Trebek woke up hearing the noise to find the burglar trying to make off with cash and some jewelry. According to sources, the 71-year old game show host jumped out of bed and immediately ran after the thief, where he slipped and ruptured his achilles tendon. The thief dropped the stolen items by an ice machine and booked it. The burglar was soon captured by police and identified as 56-year old Lucinda Moyers, and is charged with burglary and stolen goods.

Even though he’s as old as he is, Mr. Trebek didn’t sit idly by while his possessions were nabbed, nor did he wait for the police, which would’ve taken forever. Instead, he had the sense to go after the criminal himself, and even though he injured himself in the process, it’s a good example of taking the initiative and standing up for oneself, thus making him our Rebel of the Week.

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