Rebel of the Week: Alessio Rastani

September 28th, 2011

As jaws dropped on the set, Alessio Rastani continued to share with BBC anchors on LIVE television that the world is not run by a cautious government, “it’s run by Goldman Sachs”(these days those should ring synonymous in most people’s ears ).

Rastani is the kind of trader that cuddles into bed praying for the economy to turn on its head and come to a screeching halt. You know a trader, who when hear’s the word “recession”, gets goose bumps and butterflies in his tummy. He lives for the busts, not the booms. Most people would label him crazy and greedy for such an approach…but today at Silver Underground, we’ll label him Rebel of the Week!

His personal blog points to an interesting fact: more millionaires [were] made in the 1930′s depression than at any other period of time in history! He shares more here in the interview on BBC regarding the Eurozone bailout:

I think it’s fair to say Rastani delivered an unorthodox performance, compared to most financial analysts on BBC. He took everyone’s hopes and dreams (in the market place) and smashed them into the ground, unlike the usual talking head that delivers lines of vague optimism in the global economies. His blunt take on reality reminds me of Peter Schiff’s look at the economy before the 2007 financial crisis, they can both see from miles away.

Rastani believes that the stock market is soooo 2008 and doesn’t even recommend playing in it at all. Also, his biggest regret is not making more money during the beginning of the recession in 2008…what a badass! Congrats Rastani and thank you for hopping onto BCC news and spouting the ugly words none of us want to hear.

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