Get one of your own silver coins just like the one Ron Paul waved at Ben Bernanke!

March 6th, 2012

>>>One Oz. Fine Silver Round<<<

>>>1/10th Oz. Fine Silver Round<<<

When Ron Paul recently held up a silver coin and lectured Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke about sound money during a Congressional hearing of the House Financial Services Committee, I knew something historical had just happened, and I knew that the photo of the confrontation snapped by Chip Somodevilla for Getty Images of North America was truly and instantly iconic.

Now you can get your own little piece of history while hedging some of your wealth against inflation with the purchase of your own silver coins exactly like the one Ron Paul held up while confronting Ben Bernanke, minted from the very same die in fact! After a few weeks’ hiatus, Silver Circle‘s “rebel rounds” are now back in stock and available for online purchase.

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