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May 24th, 2012

The Silver Underground recently made a lot of blogging friends that have been added to our blogroll on the left-hand sidebar in exchange for a link on theirs! Here is a roundup of some of their recent content. If you would like to exchange blogroll links with The Silver Underground, .


Learn from Egypt

Full Spectrum Dominance has a link up today to an article entitled How To Communicate If the US Government Shuts Down The Internet. Useful reading.


Not Cool, Obama

TeresAmerica posted the video of Penn Jillette’s recent glorious rant against Barack Obama’s cavalier attitude toward his own drug use while continuing to wage the destructive, expensive, and failed War on Drugs.


Markets Are Moral

Bleeding Heart Libertarians argues that markets and morals aren’t at odds.


As if we didn’t have enough already…

The Libertarian Patriot posts one more reason John Boehner has got to go.

The Left Coast Rebel has the right response.


Mandates, mandates are no fun…

The Catholic Libertarian reports on a PA diocese’s lawsuit against The Department of Health and Human Services over an ObamaCare mandate that it believes violates the First Amendment.


Indefinite Detention

Libertarian Advocate features a ZeroHedge post on the NDAA’s day in court.


No More Entangling Alliances

Libertarian Christians reports on the latest foreign policy madness.


Hey, Teacher! Leave them kids alone!

The Last Tradition features a 4 year old girl who was banned from getting her school photos taken because the hairdo her father (a hairdresser) gave her (he wove her hair into an elegant bow) violated the school dress code.


History Lesson

As a libertarian, I feel a lot like Curley from Cheeky History‘s recent feature.


Time Flies

Hockey Dino ruminates on how the subjective perception of the passage of time has accelerated as he’s gotten older, a phenomenon I’m sure many of you have experienced.


Looking for a rifle?

If you want a good alternative to the AK or AR, Shooting for Liberty recommends the Model 94 Winchester. If you want a super inexpensive rifle, I recommend the Mosin-Nagant.


What Attracts People to Marxism?

Liberty for Laymen posts a video answering.


A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

What We Think and Why takes a graphic look at the War on Drugs.



Rational Nation USA posted the full video of the entire John F. Kennedy “Secret Society Speech.” It’s well worth a listen.


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