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Celebrities say “Stop Watching Us”

Posted on by Davi Barker

Tweet Celebrities are not hired for being deep thinkers. They are hired for accurately portraying emotions they aren’t actually feeling. So the phenomenon of celebrities using their fame for political advocacy has always struck me as a little weird. I … Continue reading

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Easter Egg: Can You Spot the Chemtrails in ‘Silver Circle’?

Posted on by Barry Donegan

Tweet For those who don’t yet know, Thursday is “Easter egg” day on the Silver Circle Silver Underground blog, when we point out some of the hidden allusions that appear in the film. Keep an eye out for them as … Continue reading

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Can the Occupy Movement break the grip of the Money Trust?

Posted on by Davi Barker

Tweet Many regard Dennis Kucinich as the Ron Paul of the left. The two have shown tremendous respect and solidarity with each other over the years. Now Dennis Kucinich is waking up to what is perhaps Ron Paul’s most defining … Continue reading

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